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About us


Iason Sp. z o.o, member of the  Synektik Capital Group, is the first in Poland commercial manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals used in oncologic diagnostic.

 IASON Sp. z o.o.
Rakowiecka 36
02-532 Warszawa 


Pursuant to a license agreement, the Company acquired from IASON GmbH (Austria) know-how required to manufacture the following two preparations in compliance with GMP principles:

a.       IASON Efdege® - Fluorodeoxyglucose marked with the 18F isotope,

b.       IASOflu® - Sodium fluoride containing the 18F isotope,


IASON GmbH holds the licenses and permits requited for manufacturing and trading in radiopharmaceuticals in many EU Member States.  


On 18 November 2011 the Company received a permit for manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals from the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector, No. GIF-IW-N-4000/WTC391/5/11


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